Awakening work

Do you yearn to awaken, or to deepen an awakening that has already occurred?   Do you want expert support for your sacred unfolding?

In sessions with you, I offer:

  • Guidance to awaken to your conscious nature and stabilize that.
  • Support to land in your whole being realization and beyond.
  • Help to embrace what you previously could not access or allow in yourself — with love, kindness and spaciousness.
  • counseling to help you trust yourself. 
  • Empowerment to embody your truth and shine your light.
  • Skillful support to untangle relationship issues and increase understanding and intimacy

It can be hard to be human; I’ve experienced deep human suffering and can help you face very difficult places in yourself. I can help you stop running from whatever you think is wrong with you and discover what is most beautifully unique about who you are. By deeply embracing your truth with awakening awareness, huge transformation is possible.

I create a safe space for you to explore who you are without judgment. By supporting you in your own unique moment, I can help you discover deep self love, authentic expression, and continued embodiment of your divinely human nature.  I look forward to meeting the mystery of you.

Book your free 45 minute session with me now and I’ll offer you $15 off your first paid session.